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By collaborating and pooling our expertise and resources, we can develop products and accelerate access to diverse RNA-based therapies and vaccines for everyone, everywhere.

Whether you are a leading research institute, specialised pharmaceutical company, emerging biotech start-up or government/NGO, we are ready to support your ground-breaking prophylaxes.

Our partnership models include research collaborations, drug delivery development, licensing agreements and joint ventures.

Work with us

Unlock innovation:
IP licensing and JV

Our intellectual property (IP) licensing options for novel RNA constructs, processes and technologies unlock innovation and collaboration.

xRNA Lead discovery:
crafting therapies with precision

Biofoundry-in-a-Box (BiaB™) is our cutting edge, data-driven discovery, research and delivery platform for customising RNA and recombinant DNA-based therapeutics, precisely targeting specific indications and administration routes.

RNA by Design™:
optimisation - customisation at its best

Our data-driven platform empowers you to design, produce, test, and deploy RNA constructs tailored to your specific needs.

Fostering an ecosystem of collaboration

We are actively engaged in establishing a collaborative ecosystem comprising partners, suppliers and customers. Collectively, we aim to create an extensive network dedicated to RNA manufacturing and its deployment, ensuring equitable access in low and middle income countries (LMICs).

Biotech innovators

Our designated platform technology combines novel flow technology with the powers of computing and precision engineering. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of national and global regulatory systems is hugely beneficial in supporting you to navigate the regulatory arena. Through our integrated CMC package, we deliver effective regulatory management, quality and efficacy – freeing you to focus on development over costly bureaucracy.

Speciality pharma

We are a biotech specialising in modern CMC with state-of-the-art and scale manufacturing capacity. Production volumes are just a click away, allowing you to scale up quickly with a more rapid entry to global markets.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of national and global regulatory systems is hugely beneficial in supporting you to navigate the regulatory infrastructure.

Our integrated CMC package delivers effective regulatory management, quality and efficacy – giving you the freedom to focus on development instead of cost intensive bureaucracy.

Global CDMO

Our unique patented technology helps make game changing RNA-based therapies and vaccines with unprecedented and accelerated productivity, but with less energy, waste and cost.

As a trusted and reliable partner, we can work with you to seamlessly digitise the design and production of your RNA. Our ability to implement high yield production, guaranteed for scalability, will allow you to serve your patients and grow your business faster.

Research institutes

Our unique patented technology platform helps to de-risk your proposition turning your ideas into reality, offering seamless, end-to-end scalability from lab through to manufacturing at the click of a button.

Partner with us

Join us as we harness cutting edge technology, relentless innovation and game changing use of data and knowledge from discovery to manufacture. This ensures seamless scalability, accelerated time to market and a sustainable, safe, fast and reproducible continuous processes for our customers.

Together we can shape the future of RNA by Design™.

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