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Our cutting edge patented technology empowers innovators to revolutionise the development of RNA-based vaccines and therapies, enabling unprecedented levels of productivity and speed

Users can run a multitude of lab experiments automatically in the knowledge that once proven in the lab, production volumes are just a click away
Christina Davies
Biomedical Product Scientist

Challenging scientific and technological boundaries

Redefine the possibilities of modern medicine with our patented medicines manufacturing platform, developed to be immediately accessible as a service and through licensing or joint development programmes.

RNA manufacturing in a box

We refer to our platform as Biofoundry-in-a-Box (BiaB™). This is our modular, integrated, multi-purpose and automated RNA-micro factory which enables the end-to-end production of a variety of RNA-based products.

From synthesis through purification, to user specified product formulations, our platform achieves consistent output against many critical and potentially critical quality attributes, meeting a wide range of Target Product Profiles, supporting research and discovery endeavours. We base our manufacturing approach on establishing ideal and consistent conditions using our distinctive flow bioreactor. Under these conditions, enzymes that are either off-the-shelf or custom engineered perform optimally to deliver a continuous stream of RNA product and maximise the utilisation of your DNA templates and reagents. Whether it is wild type or modified NTPs, our platform delivers consistent output meeting even the most demanding release criteria.

Scalable and regulatory ready

Innovators use our platform to seamlessly take their discoveries through process development and production, ensuring a smooth transition into manufacturing. Once critical quality attributes have been demonstrated in the lab, they are also fulfilled at scale, resulting in pipeline acceleration with a higher level of submission readiness, supported by data rich CMC packages.


The Centillion™ platform rapidly facilitates lead discovery and the transition between laboratory and manufacturing. Combining precision engineering with platform knowledge and integrated analytics - we have transformed the RNA-based product manufacture across the integrated synthesis-purification-formulation stages resulting in an accelerated time to clinic at reduced risk.


Our data driven sensors and control systems continually adapt to meet your unique and specific requirements. From executing Design of Experiment methodologies in the lab to self-optimisation for a wide range of process parameters or autonomous control in production, intelligent Centillion™ technology will bring a new level of efficiency to your operation.

RNA at the click of a button

With our Biofoundry-in-a-Box (BiaB™) solution RNA can now be manufactured on-demand and as a service at the click of a button. Our BiaB™ is a modular, multi-purpose automated RNA micro factory that enables innovators to design, produce and formulate RNA constructs for specific purposes. Innovators can rapidly access a large variety of high-quality RNA-based drug products at minimal CAPEX and with flexibility on asset management.

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Join us as we harness cutting edge technology, relentless innovation and game changing use of data and knowledge from discovery to manufacture. This ensures seamless scalability, accelerated time to market and a sustainable, safe, fast and reproducible continuous processes for our customers.

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