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We are breaking scientific and technological boundaries to pioneer the RNA era of human health.


For decades, scientists have dreamt of a way to rapidly discover and produce vaccines and treatments at low risk, scale and speed, that are regulatory-ready by design.

Centillion™ is revolutionising the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries through our patented medicines manufacturing platform, combining high-precision, flow chemistry engineering with the power of data and knowledge.

Our game changing proposition accelerates the design, production and provision of RNA-based vaccines and therapeutics at increased yield, scale and quality by design.

Our mission

Our mission is to accelerate equitable access to RNA-based therapies and vaccines, providing a robust and sustainable response to unmet clinical needs for everyone, everywhere.

Join our rapidly growing network of RNA innovators and partners.

Our platform
Our unwavering commitment, combined with our unrivalled expertise, drives our ambition to push the boundaries in the development of RNA-based medicine by turning biologics manufacturing on its head
Professor Harris Makatsoris

Taking our partners on their RNA journey

We take innovators on their RNA journey through our digitally enabled biologics manufacturing platform fueled by novel flow technology; led by our ambitious experts and network of partners.

We support our partners through our proven and patented end-to-end process. Our unique technology platform helps to de-risk propositions:

  • Turning ideas into reality
  • Offering seamless, end-to-end scalability from lab through to manufacturing


Integrity of pure substance is consistently achieved for a variety of RNA types, including self-amplifying RNA.


Experimental, ever expanding data points underpin our platform knowledge and enable digital process understanding and delivery.


Quality attributes and KPIs underpin our
RNA by Design™.

Discover our RNA applications

Advancements in RNA technology have had a profound, life changing impact on the world we live in. The rapid development and deployment of RNA-based vaccines has revolutionised global health crises and transformed treatments in times of personal crisis.

At Centillion™ we guide innovators on their RNA journey deploying our unique, digital medicines manufacturing platform – fuelled by novel flow technology, unrivalled expertise, and an ambitious network of partners. From discovery to manufacture, once proven in the lab, RNA by Design™ is just a click of a button away.

Where will your RNA journey take you? Discover our portfolio of applications.

messenger RNA – the code of life

The successful development of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 highlighted the efficacy, safety, and versatility in mRNA delivery technology. This ground-breaking approach, at unprecedented speed, revealed a multitude of clinical requirements that can be addressed through mRNA treatments by design. Our solution enables the delivery of mRNA-based drug products and vaccines at high yields with purity of over 98%, encapsulation efficiencies of over 95% and dsRNA content consistently below detection, which are quality levels that meet even the tightest release criteria under GMP manufacture, even in the lab.

self-amplifying RNA – longer lasting treatments

Self-amplifying RNA self-replicates once it enters the host cell, resulting in low dose advantages. Centillion™ technology helps innovators shape the future of saRNA with its next generation, RNA by Design™ platform. Our platform delivers consistent product, with impurities such as dsRNA below levels of detection at significant yields - even for long constructs, which are notoriously difficult to manufacture.

(x)RNA – limitless innovation

We see our platform as your co-pilot, helping innovators to change medicine forever. Our platform capabilities fulfil a diverse set of technologies ranging from CRISPR/Cas9 and RNA guides to RNA interference, circular RNA and beyond.

Accelerate discovery and reduce your time-to-clinic by design with our platform’s multi-product capability.

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